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Học tiếng nước ngoài: Học tiếng Anh - Bài 14 ( Lesson 14 )

Two reasons to be proud

Every year, famous names like HRH Prince Charles and Sir Paul McCartney flock to London fora glittering awards ceremony celebrating Britain’s unsung heroes - ordinary people who have shown bravery or courage in anextraordinary situation or gone the extra mile to help others. 

Past winners of the ‘Pride of Britain Awards’ have included eleven-year-old Tom Phillips, named Child of Courage for displaying bravery and initiative when his father, a farmer from Monmouthshire, was attacked by a bull. Tom used a tractor to force the bull away and get back to the farmhouse quickly to summon help.

“If Tom hadn’t reacted in such an incredibly sensible and responsible way, I could have lost both of them that day,” commented his mother. “I am so very proud of him.”

Fourteen-year-old McAyla Johnston was recognised as a Teenager of Courage. Severely injured after being hit by a car on a busy crossroads near her school in Worcestershire, McAyla not only demonstrated great bravery and determination in her own recovery, which involved having to learn how to eat, drink and walk again, she also campaigned tirelessly to have pedestrian crossings installed to make the road junction safer.


Although still unable to run and, in her own words, often “in pain”, McAyla is determined not to let her injuries hold her back and dreams of becoming a Paralympian one day.




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