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Scouting: 100 years old and still going strong

The Scouting Association is over 100 years old and is now a world-wide movement involving more than 28 million members in 216 countries. It has had to change with the times, but the association has never lost sight of its aim to provide young people with opportunities for adventure and self-development.


The Scouting Association was founded by Robert Baden Powell, a lieutenant-general in the British Army, who organised the first Scout camp on Brownsea Island off the south coast of England in 1907. A year later, he set out his vision of an outdoors programme for young people in a book called Scouting for Boys then, in 1912, he formed The Scout Association. Scouting remained a boys-only activity until 1972.


Today there are five sections within The Scouting Association, open to girls and boys:

Ages 6 to 8

BEAVERS enjoy practical activities like singing,playing indoor and outdoor games and learning how to stay safe.

Ages 8 to 10

CUBS take part in practical activities, go campingand complete challenges to earn badges.

Ages 10 to 14

SCOUTS take on more challenging tasks and learna wider range of Scouting skills. 

Ages 14 to 18

EXPLORERS can still earn badges but can alsotrain to be a Young Leader, supporting the younger sections of the Scouting movement.

Ages 18 to 25
The Scout Network provides the opportunity to
achieve top awards like the Queen’s Scout Award. 



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