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Học tiếng nước ngoài: Học tiếng Anh - Bài 09 ( Lesson 09 )

New school, new friends

Ask any young person in the UK what they worry about most when they change schools or move up to secondary school and they will probably mention two things: getting lost and making new friends. 

The first of these is easy to solve: most high schools run induction days to help new students find their way around the building and, failing that, there is usually a map! Meanwhile, making new friends can be trickier.

So what’s the best way to make new friends?

Here are some top tips from a group of 12-year-old children from a Warwickshire school:

1.Be confident – You won’t be the only person who feels nervous so make eye contact, smile and go and say ‘Hello’.

2.Be friendly – Be interested and listen to what others say and, when you have made new friends, treat them well.

3.Be presentable – No one will want to get to know you if you are dirty, smelly or have nasty habits.

4.Be tenacious – If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again!



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