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Học tiếng nước ngoài: Học tiếng Anh - Bài 06 ( Lesson 06 )

Chips are down in the war on school dinners

Primary school children in the UK have little choice over what they eat for lunch. 

A:____ their parents pack their lunchbox or they choose from only one or two options on a hot dinner menu. B:_____ secondary schools allowstudents the freedom to make their own meal choices.

C:______ this has led to problems. A 2004 survey, School Meals in Secondary Schools in England, showed that many schools offered unhealthy menus. D:______ on four or five days of the week,76% served chips and other potatoes cooked in oil, while 86% served high fat meals like burgers and chicken nuggets. And when offered such dishes, most students were picking them. 48% chose high fat main dishes, 48% chose chips or similar and 24% chose cakes or muffins. Fruit, fruit juice, vegetables and salads were the least popular choices.

In his 2005 television series, Jamie’s School Dinners, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver began working with school cooks on providing more healthy meal options. E:_______ initial resistancefrom pupils and parents, the tide began to turn and Jamie’s campaign was among those which led to a general improvement in the nutritional standard of school meals.

F:________ online systems like ‘Parent Pay’ giveparents more control over what their children are eating at school. They can set daily spending limits and see exactly what they are buying each day. 










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