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Britain’s Got Talent

In May 2009, a UK television audience of 20 million people watched a group of eleven young men and boys win the final of the talent show, Britain’s Got Talent. The group was called Diversity, and their talent was Street Dance.


Combining energy and enthusiasm with a clear love of performance, the dancers’ original and ingenious moves won over both the television audience and the Britain’s Got Talent judges. True to its name, the group’s winning routine cleverly combined elements from different dance genres, including classical and hip-hop.

Diversity formed in 2007 and includes three sets of brothers and their friends. All come from East London and Essex and are aged between 15 and 28. Seeing them as excellent role models for young people, the Department of Health invited the boys to work with them on a ‘Let’s Dancewith Change4Life’ campaign, designed to encourage more families to eat well, move more and live longer.

Since their victory on Britain’s Got Talent, Diversity has gone from strength to strength. The group has performed in a Michael Jackson tribute show, opened Miss World 2011, has made multiple television appearances and has launched a UK-wide arena tour.




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