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Học tiếng nước ngoài: Học tiếng Anh - Bài 07 ( Lesson 07 )

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Few students like it, but homework is an important part of secondary school life in the UK. Not only can it reinforce what has been done in the classroom, it also develops independent learning skills.

Government guidelines on homework:

Years 7 and 8 (ages 11 to 13): 45 to 90 minutes per day

Year 9 (ages 14 to 15): 1 to 2 hours a day


Today, many homework tasks are done on a computer – for example, preparing presentations, using the internet or completing online tasks on an e-learning platform. So, schools are usually open before and after normal hours, enabling students without computer or internet access at home to use their resources and IT facilities.


Sometimes students are given Extended Learning Tasks which require more detailed research and analysis, such as a history or art project. But however big the task, teachers will always give feedback, helping students to identify areas to improve. 

Some schools send students home with a homework diary and parents and carers are encouraged to keep a check on their child’s progress. Other schools have an e-portal, so parents can track their child’s performance daily. Sadly, not every parent takes that much interest. In a 2011 poll of 1,000 students aged 11 to 18, over one in ten complained that they did not have space at home to do homework, while almost a quarter said that their family did not support them enough.






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