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Học tiếng Anh - Bài 01 ( Lesson 1 )

Beating the bullies


Beating the bullies

Thirteen-year-old Sophie had been bullied at school for over two years. She had had her bag, keys and mobile phone stolen. She had been knocked off her bicycle, verbally abused, kicked and punched. She had tried to fight back, but it always seemed to be her, not the bullies, who got into trouble. She grew so afraid of going to school that she started to miss lessons.

Eventually, her headteacher set up a peer mentoring scheme, encouraging pupils to look after one another. He encouraged Sophie to play the guitar in a school concert, which gave Sophie new confidence and earned her respect from the other pupils. Gradually, the bullying began to stop.

Sadly, Sophie’s story is not uncommon and new technology hasn’t helped. Cyber bullies can be harder to avoid and harder to catch. It is all too easy to send an anonymous threat by text, post an insulting message about someone on Facebook or Twitter, or offend someone by uploading a video to a website like YouTube. Yet the results can be devastating for the victim.

But help is out there. All schools are now required by law to follow strict bullying policies and there are many charities and organisations offering support to young people, such as BullyingUK and Childline. All seem to be united in one piece of advice: if you are being bullied, don’t put up with it, tell someone.



Bullying can take many forms:  

■  Teasing or name calling

■  Making threats

■  Ignoring someone

■  Pushing, shoving, punching or kicking

■  Taking someone’s possessions

■  Spreading nasty rumours

Fun Corner

Find words to do with bullying from the article. The words can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.


Match these words from the article to their opposites.

True or False

Multiple choice

Which is the odd one out?


Cyber is a prefix used to talk about the internet or the World Wide Web.

Examples of common use are:

Cyber-bullying describes bullying that happens through the internet, for example, by sending hateful e-mails or text messages.

Cyberspace refers to the networks on the internet that we use to communicate.

Cyber fraud refers to fnancial crimes committed on the internet.



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